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Franchising Today Magazine, Summer 2016
“Wet Willie’s prides itself on strong drinks and high profit margins for franchisees.”
"I wasn’t the only one enjoying a Wet Willie...The chilly drinks were a hot topic at the exhibitor reception Friday night at the NRG Stadium, where I was told the Miami location is an extremely happening, amusingly rowdy destination - and that they sold daiquiris like they were going out of style."
February, 2016 Franchise Times
"Wet Willie's contributes to Komen for the Cure (Savannah, GA)
The leadership team at Wet Willie's Management Corp. including founder and CEO Bill Dickinson, Vice President Emily Dickinson nad Joe Ann Brandt made a donation in the amount of $35,482.78 to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
December 7, 2015 Savannah Morning News
"Wet Willie's donates $32,710 to Komen" (Savannah, GA)
The funds were raised during a month-long campaign to increase breast cancer awareness, support breast cancer research and fund free breast cancer services.
December 6, 2013 Savannah Morning News
Restaurant donates $20,000 to charity (Savannah, GA)
The money was raised as part of a month-long Wet Willie's fundraising campaign that kicked off with a succesful breast cancer awareness party in October.
The latest donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure ® Coastal Georgia is part of more than $100,000 in charitable financial contributions Wet Willie's made in 2012.
December 11, 2012 Savannah Morning News
“Sips of Summer” (Tybee, GA)
Just in time for summer, Wet Willie’s frozen daiquiri bar has opened its newest location on Tybrisa Street. This marks the 15th location for the Savannah-born restaurant chain.
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Savannah Magazine, 2012
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wild Drinks at Wet Willie's" (West Palm Beach, FL)
Wet Willies is decorated nicely, with beautiful wooden floors an open-air setting. It is situated right beside the Improv comedy club, making it a popular spot to grab a drink after watching comedians.
Examiner.com, August 1st, 2009
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Moonlighting: Wet Willie's" (Tampa, FL)
The touristy drop-in has hooked a variety of wandering folks into sampling one of its eclectic frozen alcoholic drink blends. Boasting charismatic names such as "Call a Cab" and "Attitude Improvement," the insanely strong, yet robust mixtures can get one into the vibrant spirit this joint prominently promotes.
Tampa Bay Online, June 8th, 2012
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Khole Kardashian Out and About" (South Beach, FL)
"On Wednesday, I stopped by DASH with Rob and Sydney and then we walked over to Wet Willie's (an amazing daiquiri bar) for some drinks and snacks".
Celebuzz, March 3rd, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willie's South Beach" (South Beach, FL)
The second level deck at Wet Willie's makes for great people watching while you're enjoying one of their atomic cocktails, and when things get a little too hectic, as they often do in South Beach, the ocean is only a quick walk across Lummus Park.
South Beach Magazine, August 7th, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Fireworks on the River really packs a punch" (Savannah, GA)
On the first Friday of every month, locals and visitors alike head down to River Street to watch the fireworks. It's become a ritual, a true Savannah tradition, and it's due to the generosity of Wet Willie's, the popular bar and restaurant at 101 E. River St.
Savannah Now, February 3rd, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Savannah Spotlight: Wet Willies" (Savannah, GA)
Don't think you are limited by what's churning around in the frozen cauldrons of alcohol bliss, just like with those Slurpees when you were a kid, you can mix these loaded yum-yums together to come up with your own signature blend.
Examiner.com, December 17th, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willie's Donates $10,000 to Susan G. Komen" (Savannah, GA)
The donated funds were raised as part of a comprehensive Wet Willie's fundraising campaign, which kicked off with a successful Breast Cancer Awareness Party on October 1; the company met its original goal to raise $10,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Coastal Georgia.
Savannah Business Journal, January 23, 2012
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Let's hit Wet Willie's-for Lunch?!" (Savannah, GA)
This is solid bar food, with enough imagination and attention to detail to make it worth visiting time and again. There's a lot of scratch preparation going on here - a far cry from fast casual restaurants that make do with a menu solely comprising commercial frozen foods.
Connect Savannah, November 8th, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Discover Wet Willies" (San Diego, CA)
This frozen daiquiri bar is more than meets the eye and brings a unique bar and restaurant combination that San Diego has never seen before.
DiscoverSD.com-lifestyle Guide
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
Check out Wet Willie's San Diego
Provided by Jippidy.com
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willies at Broadway at the Beach" (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Wet Willie's is a fun, funky place to have a world class daiquiri and good food. Great food, great drinks, great people and an awesome time: that's what Wet Willie's about
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
Picture of Jack Rowell and Triplthret at Wet Willies 11/11/11. Mark Ross, Leo Goff, Cedric Keel and Jack Rowell, Jr.
Credit: Photos by Rob Deglow
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willies" (Hollywood, FL)
One part casual, one part frozen mix, a whole lot of grain alcohol, and don't forget the floater shot on top for the recipe of a night out at Wet Willie's.
Voice Places
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Dining Out: Wet Willie's at 411 Hay St." (Fayetteville, NC)
Wet Willie's is more than a daiquiri bar; it's a restaurant first. Tonia Collins, who owns and runs the restaurant, developed a menu with items that aren't found at other Wet Willie's locations.
Fayobserver.com, November 11, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willies…Not Your Typical Daiquiri" (Charlotte, NC)
Just in time for the summer, Wet Willies has hit Charlotte with a splash! When looking for a fun, and tasty alternative to the normal bar scene, what better place than a frozen drink bar. Wet Willies is the perfect spot for a refreshing treat!
Examiner.com, May 14th, 2010
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willies: Frozen mixed drinks for everyone" (Charleston, SC)
Visitors to Historic Downtown Charleston who want to cool down from the low country heat should head to Wet Willie's, a bar that serves up 19 different frozen mixed drinks
HelloCharleston, April 8, 2010
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willies Atlanta Grand Opening" (Atlanta, GA)
Wet Willies Atlanta opened its doors to celebrities and media, attracting over 700 people. "All the patrons stated that Atlanta really needed an establishment of this nature, especially with summer approaching," said Carlos Emmons, owner of Wet Willies Atlanta.
1888 Press Release, March 26th, 2010
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"Wet Willie's to host Breast Cancer Awareness Party" (Tampa, FL)
Wet Willie's will host a Breast Cancer Awareness Party October 1 at the Wet Willie's location in Tampa. At the Breast Cancer Awareness Party, Wet Willie's will hand out pink embroidered ribbons for every $2 donation to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation and pink beads for every $1 donation to the organization.
PR NewsChannel, September 14th, 2011
Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver
"First Person Chad Johnson, Bengals Wide Receiver"
As told to Michael Silver-Sports Illustrated
"On his ultimate dinner party" "Me, Oprah, Jay-Z and Bill Gates. But not for dinner. I'd take them to Wet Willie's in South Beach on Memorial Day weekend, when Miami's going off. I'm pretty sure they all drink. and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have to pick up the check.
Sports Illustrated October 16, 2006
A spring without shooters is like a summer without Speedos. Preview some of the most popular spring-break destinations, two ounces at a time.
by Samantha Judge

South beach may be known for its topless beaches and leggy models, but when it comes to the guys at Wet Willie's, they're more interested in your stagger than your catwalk. Call A Cab consists of 153-proof grain alcohol. At the end of the night, you think your hailing a taxi. To everyone else it sounds like, "I'll have another!"
Penthouse March 2006, page 32
Titans defensive end JEVON KEARSE
Freak of Nature:
Titans defensive end JEVON KEARSE is running circles around offensive linemen-and terrorizing quarterbacks-with a frightening combination of speed and agility
by Michael Silver

"A freak strolls down Eighth Street and pivots sharply onto Ocean Drive, and on the crowded balcony of Wet Willie's, conversations abruptly cease. "When his cell phone rings for the 27th time in three hours and he lifts it to his ear, he appears to be be handling a bit-sized candy bar. Then he uses his other mitt to reach for his blended drink - a sinister concoction called Call A Cab..."
Sports Illustrated August 28, 2000, page 120
Chris Chambers
In his rookie season, dolphins receiver Chris Chambers enjoyed numerous accomplishments on the field. Now, Chambers is going about the business of building a high profile off the field - where image iis everything.
by Ethan J. Skolnick

"Sitting on a stool on the covered patio at Wet Willie's, soaking in Saturday South Beach scenery, sipping on a souped-up slurpee, Chris Chambers revels in his fine fortune."
The Miami Herald, April 19, 2002 Weekend Spotlight, Cover
The Flavor of Miami
Dining Out: The Flavor of Miami
This "always Hopping restaurant and bar has an array of frozen, alcoholic beverages like Call a Cab, attitude Improvement, and Sex on the Beach or create your own. Non-alcoholic frozen driinks and other beverages are available. The menu has salads, sandwiches, steaks, pizzas, and other specialities.
October 1, 2016
Red Light District Album Artist Ludacris
Pimpin All Over the World-Single
Red Light District-Album Artist-Ludacris

"I'm takin you places you only see on TV.
Tryin to show you how you livin is trite,
how many guys you know can bring the Travel Channel to life?
One day we on the autobahn swervin drivin,
next day we in the sun on the Virgin Islands.
If you wit me ain't no time to sleep
Released December 9, 2004
Best Head Freeze:  Wet Willie’s
Best Head Freeze: Wet Willie’s
Personal Best Jim DeFede
This place has a drink named “Call a Cab.” And that pretty much sums up what you can expect at Wet Willie’s, ” We aren’t talking about Slurpees but drinks made with “fruit and fruit flavors that have been selected after years of on-going research and taste testing,” as described by Wet Willie’s Web site. “To ensure safety of our guests we cooperate with local authorities and have zero tolerance for unlawful or otherwise dangerous behaviors or activities on or near our premises,” So, if you are one of those wacky, angry type drunks, maybe stay clear from here. If you are a happy, jolly drunk then come on down! Call a cab afterwards.
July 22, 2006
Cooling the Planet
Cooling the Planet
September 2, 2006
This Week's Hot Spot
by Eric Curl

"If your looking for somewhere to stop on your way to dinner or just a great place to start your night on the town, Wet Willie's is it. There's usually a line at the door to get in, but the wait is worth it. The place is fun and safe with high-quality drinks that are reasonably priced. Imagine a 1950's soda shop combined with Mc Donalds, then mix in some classic rock, beveled glass mirror walls and some crazy, vibrant murals. Then you've got the look and feel of Wet Willie's."
September 21, 2006
Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners-Ocean Drive
Best Place to Take Out-of-Towners-Ocean Drive
Why fight it? If for no other reason than being in close proximity to one of Florida’s most sought after beaches, Ocean Drive attracts out-of-towners like moths to a bug zapper. Our recommendation: take them to the Clevelander for a few beers, then Finnegan’s for a few beers, then Wet Willies for a few brain killing slushies and then dance it off at Mango’s… and have a few beers